Centering communities disproportionately impacted by climate change at the center of climate resiliency strategies.

In order to build climate resilience throughout our communities, our climate justice program focuses on addressing existing vulnerabilities while also fundamentally shifting the approach that local, regional and state governments take to addressing climate change to an equity-first approach.


Our People, Our Planet, Our Power

Over nine months, Puget Sound Sage and Got Green set out to learn how our communities were experiencing climate change.

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Diesel Exhaust Emissions in the Dumawish

A collaborative, community-based study showing a disproportionate impact of diesel exhaust exposure in Georgetown and South Park.

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Port Under-Reported Truck Diesel Emissions for Five Years

A new emissions inventory from the Port of Seattle reveals that previous estimates greatly under-reported the scale of air-born toxics.

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Port Operations Hazardous to Health in Georgetown & South Park

A majority of Georgetown and South Park residents reported that Port of Seattle operations are negatively affecting their health.

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