Community Health Impact Survey

Port of Seattle Operations Hazardous to Health in Georgetown and South Park

A majority of Georgetown and South Park residents reported that Port of Seattle operations — including both heavy truck traffic in their streets and airplane traffic overhead — are negatively affecting their health.

Survey respondents were particularly concerned about the effects of air pollution, pedestrian hazards and excessive noise on their community and family. Although few residents believe that the Port of Seattle cares about health in their community, an overwhelming majority call on the Port to take action to make its operations safer.

The Port and Overall Health

  • Three out of five (62%) Georgetown and South Park residents surveyed, who were predominantly long-term residents and the elderly, reported concern that Port of Seattle activities are making their health worse.
  • One third (34%) of residents surveyed rated their health status as “poor” or “fair” compared to only one tenth (10.5%) throughout King County (according to Public Health - Seattle & King County).