Puget Sound Sage builds thriving, resilient communities rooted in good jobs, affordable housing, accessible transit and a healthy environment.

For the past decade, we have brought together labor, faith, environmental and community groups to build an economy that invests in working families.

Our work has impacted thousands of workers by ensuring: workers have power and a voice in the workplace; people live in healthy communities where there are good jobs, affordable housing, clean air and accessible transit; and an effective government that provides for the common good of workers and communities.

We have played a vital role in achieving policies such as a $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave, inclusionary zoning for affordable housing, and a new light rail stop to help curb displacement low income communities and communities of color from a gentrifying neighborhood. Through our campaigns and Community Leadership Institute, we are building a pipeline of collaborative young leaders who are also immigrants & refugees, LGBTQ people, and women of color – the communities most impacted by economic and racial inequality and climate change.

Our Programs

Good Jobs

Reduce inequality by advancing policy, such as minimum wage, paid sick leave, access to full time jobs, and enforcement of good job standards.

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Equitable Development

Working with leaders in our region to stop the displacement of communities out of our urban core through equitable development policies.

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Healthy Environment

Placing communities disproportionately impacted by climate change at the center of climate resiliency strategies.

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Community Leadership

Advocating for policy change at the local and regional level, where we believe community voice can have the most impact.

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