Advocating for policy change at the local and regional level, where we believe community voice can have the most impact.

People of color, people with low-incomes, immigrants and refugees are impacted first and worst by exploitation, climate change, poor air quality, rising cost of basic needs, and a lack of access to good jobs.

We work to ensure that that our communities are at the center of and leading public strategies to achieve racial, economic and regional equity through growing leaders, organizing coalitions and policy change.

Current Programs

Community Leadership Institute

Providing social justice advocates with not just a voice, but a seat at the table by training emerging community leaders to sit on local boards and commissions.

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South Communities Organizing for Racial & Regional Equity is a multi-racial coalition of over sixteen community and member-based organizations rooted in South Seattle and South King County.

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Interfaith Economic Justice Coalition

Faith communities in South King County have a rich history of social justice and play a distinct role in bring a moral voice to different injustices in the region.

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Past Programs


A community leadership institute that recruited and trained leaders from community, labor, and faith based organizations on transit justice and equitable development issues.

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