South Communities Organizing for Racial & Regional Equity represent a growing multi-racial coalition of community and member-based organizations.

These organizations are rooted in South Seattle and South King County created to be at the forefront of shaping the future of the city, county and region. Each of the organizations involved plays a distinct role in advocating for and serving its diverse racial, ethnic and faith-based memberships.

SouthCORE was developed in 2012, recognizing the need in the region for community organizations to come together to:

  • Support strong cultural and community institutions, affordable housing, and local community owned business
  • Advocate for nurturing and edifying schools, living wage jobs and a safe and healthy environment
  • Develop awareness of the impacts of structural discrimination so that new development and investments support families of all incomes to thrive in place

Puget Sound Sage staffs the coalition and assists with research, policy, and communication as needed.

Coalition Success

Since its creation, SouthCORE has deepened the understanding of issues related to housing, transit oriented development, and job quality for over twenty-two organizations rooted in South King County.

It has provided a foundation for community based organizations to understand the crisis and opportunity of transit oriented development, realizing their overlapping interests within the larger context of development and displacement. SouthCORE has also provided capacity building support of grassroots allies through trainings, support and leadership development.

The coalition has been influential in multiple city and county-wide campaigns including the Mount Baker rezone, pushing for a supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in Hedreen’s mega-hotel project, as well as city-wide affordable housing policies.


To be an organized voice for community-controlled and inspired development.


We envision sustainable multi-racial neighborhoods in the Rainier Valley and South King County where all community members are socially included, economically self-sufficient, politically engaged, and are at the forefront of shaping the future of our city, county and region.