Introducing Debolina Banerjee

By Kristen Wendt

We are pleased to introduce Debolina Banerjee, Sage's Climate Justice Policy Analyst!

Debolina's work at Sage includes research-based analysis of climate policies, campaign support on climate justice issues, and building power within Sage’s local and statewide climate coalitions.

She has research experience in transit-oriented development, the environmental impacts of unorganized industries and project management for real estate development. In addition, Debolina has extensive experience working with grassroots activists and marginalized communities in India organizing for social justice around food, sustainable agriculture, clean environment, community development and women’s empowerment.

Before joining Puget Sound Sage, Debolina was with InterIm CDA researching the impact of the receding affordable housing stock and increasing risk of displacement faced by the immigrant and refugee communities of Seattle’s International District. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Environmental Studies in Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Debolina can be reached at or 206-568-5000 x18. Please join us in welcoming Debolina to our Sage community!

- The Puget Sound Sage team


How did you first get involved with Puget Sound Sage?

I was a SouthCORE member through InterIm CDA and used to attend the meetings with Leslie, InterIm CDA's Real Estate Development Director.

What was your first impression of Puget Sound Sage?

My first impression about Sage was that it is a unique organization deeply rooted in social justice and equity that creatively blends community participation, organizing, research and advocacy to work towards sustainable solutions for communities in Seattle and King County.

What does climate justice mean to you?

Growing up in India, I’ve experienced both sides of climate and environmental issues. On one hand, communities have immense traditional knowledge of living with nature, yet on the other hand, new practices and lifestyles in the name of ‘development’ are moving away from it with little regard to the impacts. Being in the architecture and planning field, I’ve also witnessed the impacts of development and have come to believe that any planning policy has a direct impact on both people and the environment.

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