Building Community Power

Our cross-sector approach brings together community, faith, labor, immigrant & refugee, transit, environmental and public sector partners who may not have a previous working history. We prioritize long-term relationship building, creating opportunities with our partner organizations to learn from each other and share our coalition strategies, policy analysis and research.

Deep partnerships between community, environmental, labor and faith organizations are essential to building equity in the Puget Sound Region. Only by doing so, can we change the regional power map and accrue more power for our communities.

Forwarding Innovative Policy Solutions

We generate research and in-depth reports that illuminate some of our region's most pressing problems, incorporating data from diverse local and national sources. We have produced community based participatory research, which involves affected communities in the study's design and data collection.

By unapologetically centering racial justice and equity in all of our work, we have moved numerous groundbreaking policies on transit, housing, labor standards and climate in the past year.

Shaping the Debate

Puget Sound Sage is at the forefront of shaping the debate on groundbreaking economic, environmental and equity issues in the region.

Elected officials, opinion-leaders and the media view Puget Sound Sage as go-to resources for economic and environmental policy expertise, seeking our organization’s innovative ideas and racial equity expertise when it comes to shaping sound policies and winning local campaigns.

Growing the Movement

We advocate for policy that makes racial and social equity a top goal for decision makers at all levels of government. We believe communities of color can prosper in place by harnessing market forces and public investment, with their own vision for growth at the center of local planning.

We have a history of investing in leaders and organizations who can forge solutions, then move them towards adoption and implementation. Sage's leadership development approach places the communities most impacted at the center. We are dedicated to providing emerging leaders from low-income communities and communities of color the training they need to have a seat at decision making tables, laying long-term groundwork for achieving solutions based on grassroots needs.