Growing the powerful, inclusive climate movement necessary for healthy, climate resilient communities in the Puget Sound.

The effects of climate change – such as floods and urban heat island effect – are expected to occur more frequently in Seattle and King County in the coming years. Simultaneously, communities of color are being rapidly displaced from our historic neighborhoods, into which exclusionary zoning had historically segregated us.

This leads to communities being isolated from “cultural anchors:” immigrant and community of color owned small businesses, ethnic community centers, places of worship, social service agencies, and culturally competent health care providers. It is critical that people continue to live near and have access to these trusted community institutions, particularly in the case of a climate disaster or heat wave.

Displacement poses a threat to both social cohesion and health, two vital components of climate resilient communities. 

As our region continues to adapt to both a rapidly growing population and climate change, those who are most impacted must be at the table to shape policy decisions so that historic inequalities are not exacerbated, and that mitigation attempts actually succeed for those who most need to benefit. Sage believes that the realizations of our environmental and equity goals are inextricably linked.