2014 Media Coverage

This page contains a listing of news items featuring Puget Sound Sage.  

Gov. Inslee’s ‘polluter pays’ proposal a step toward climate justice
Seattle Globalist – December 23, 2014

Our health will benefit from taking action on climate change
The News Tribune – December 21, 2014

The Morning News: Seven Critical Flaws in the State of Washington's Cybersecurity
The Stranger – December 17, 2014

Seattle’s affordable housing explained
Crosscut – December 15, 2014

“The city's becoming too expensive for nearly half the population,” says Lauren Craig, policy counsel at Puget Sound Sage, a Seattle nonprofit that advocates for affordable housing, workers’ rights and environmental sustainability. “An influx of new workers in high paying tech jobs, combined with development of new high end, expensive housing has caused housing prices to skyrocket. These pressures are displacing low-income people — who are often refugees, immigrants and people of color — out of Seattle and into the suburbs.”

Seattle City Council Rejects ‘Stepping Forward’
The International Examiner – November 26, 2014

A place at the table
Real Change News – October 22, 2014

City Council OKs resolution on ‘linkage fees' for development
Puget Sound Business Journal – October 21, 2014

“Growth cannot be smart if it divides, if it excludes and if it displaces us,” said Ubax Gardheere, lead coalition organizer at Puget Sound Sage.

Who Pays For A City?
PubliCola – October 21, 2014

Seattle City Council Pushes Forward on Developer Fees
Crosscut- October 20, 2014

"This is a huge step forward for working families," said Rebecca Saldana, who is deputy director of community affairs and programs at Puget Sound Sage. "What the linkage fee does is actually makes sure we're growing in the right way."

Ballot proposals offer 2 plans for improving pre-K in Seattle
The Seattle Times – October 9, 2014

Will a Mayoral Committee Stand Up for Renters?
The Stranger – October 8, 2014

On Other Blogs Today: Urban Solutions, Racial Politics, Unaffordable Housing, and More
PubliCola – September 30, 2014

Guest: Seattle Housing Authority rent proposal would hurt working poor
The Seattle Times – September 29, 2014

King County’s childcare dilemma
Crosscut – September 25, 2014

Pay Up
Real Change News – September 24, 2014

Mayor, Council launch new affordable housing effort
Ballard News Tribune – September 23, 2014

Guest Editorial: Toward a New Story on Climate Change
The Stranger – September 22, 2014

Bellevue latest target of push for $15 minimum wage
The Seattle Times – September 10, 2014

King County Child Care Crisis
Seattle Child – September 3, 2014

Report: In King County, Childcare Could Cost A Single Mother Half Her Income
KPLU – September 2, 2014

Advocates at Puget Sound Sage, an equity policy think tank, authored the analysis, arguing state and local government ought to increase subsidies that help parents access childcare.

But they also contend early educators' wages need a boost, too, since the high turnover rate among childcare workers compromises the quality of care and creates more hidden costs for employers trying to recruit and hire replacements.

Child care costs in King County among highest in nation
The Seattle Times – August 24, 2014

Unions ask City Attorney to Separate Pre-K Funding Measures
Publicola – July 10, 2014

Who’s Afraid of Rainier Beach?
The Seattle Globalist – July 3, 2014

What’s unique about Rainier Beach is that unlike the Central District and Columbia City, the gentrification hasn’t come yet. Most of my neighbors bought their houses in the ’90s and have no intention of getting pushed anywhere. Organizations like Puget Sound Sage and South CORE continue to do their part to empower people to stay in their homes.

Minimum wage: A coordinated effort to deceive the public on downsides
The Seattle Times – July 2, 2014

This Is How Seattle Passed a $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage
Next City – June 6, 2014

But in 2011, the city passed a mandatory paid sick leave law covering every worker in the city, even as similar efforts in New York City and Philadelphia were stymied. The policy was the result of a coalition between community groups and service sector unions, including UFCW, Unite Here and SEIU and Teamsters Local 117… On the community side was Puget Sound Sage, a group with a membership base in communities of color.

Four lessons from Seattle’s 60 percent minimum wage hike
Reuters – May 15, 2014

Seattle to debate $15 minimum wage law amid warnings of 'class warfare'
The Guardian – May 5, 2014

There's at Least One Type of Low Wage Worker Skeptical of a Minimum Wage Increase
Politix – April 29, 2014

Women of Color Empowered honors ‘Rising Stars’
NW Asian Weekly – April 24, 2014

The Revolt of the Cities
The American Prospect – April 2014

Tips and the $15 minimum wage debated at Capitol Hill council meeting as City Hall deadline looms
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog – April 21, 2014

What's Going on with the Tip Credit/Tip Penalty?
The Stranger – April 21, 2014

Morning Fizz: "Especially if You're Wearing a Skirt Like That."
Publicola – April 21, 2014

Tips are top concern for some in $15 minimum-wage debate
The Seattle Times – April 20, 2014

Seattle’s maximum debate on achieving $15 minimum wage
The Seattle Times – April 19, 2014

Switzerland May Soon Have World’s Highest Minimum Wage
International Business Times – April 15, 2014

$15 wage floor slowly takes hold in SeaTac
The Seattle Times – February 13, 2014

Developers Sue to Make Seattle More Developer-Friendly, Calling a Law to Promote Affordable Housing "Extortion"
The Stranger – January 29, 2014

SeaTac wage activists will appeal to state Supreme Court
Puget Sound Business Journal – January 2, 2014

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