2011 Media Coverage

This page contains a listing of news items featuring Puget Sound Sage.  Older items are located in the archive to the right.

New police team targets dangerous big rigs
King 5 News – December 14, 2011


Protests shut two US west coast ports
Financial Times – December 13, 2011


Truck drivers speak out on port working conditions and Occupy protests
Daily Kos – December 12, 2011


Trucking industry exposed for “ripping off” workers and taxpayers; Department of Labor vows crackdown.
CBS News – December 5, 2011


How some employers skirt paying benefits
CBS News – December 2, 2011


Behind the Scenes: Need for speed increases truck danger
King 5 News – November 14, 2011


Behind the Scenes: Who has to fix the dangerous truck?
King 5 News – October 27, 2011


Container trucks near Port of Seattle most dangerous in the state
King 5 News – October 27, 2011


Wall Street Ties to Worker Misclassification in U.S. Transportation Industry Reinforce Need for Government Crackdown
Clean and Safe Ports – October 20th, 2011


Employers’ new ruse: “Independent contractors”
Salon – October 7, 2011


Delegation crashes port event in Seattle to call for trucking changes, 9/14/11
Crosscut – September 14, 2011


Port’s short-haul truckers struggle to make living
Seattle Times – September 15, 2011


Rally Closes 5th Avenue In Downtown Seattle
KIRO 7 – September 15, 2011


Gallery: Today’s “Port of Poverty and Pollution” Protest
Seattlest – September 15, 2011


Welcoming the Port Conference
Stranger Slog – September 15, 2011


Protesters attack Port of Seattle salaries, seek better conditions for workers, less air pollution
InvestigateWest – September 15, 2011


Welcome to the Port of Poverty and Pollution
Clean and Safe Ports – September 15, 2011


AAPA Protests Get Creative
The Journal of Commerce – September 14, 2011


Activists Prank Port Convention
Stranger Slog – September 13, 2011


Unions: Airport employees working in ‘slave conditions’
KOMO News – September 11, 2011


Labor of love: an interview with María Elena Durazo
L.A. Times – September 05, 2009


Anti-Paid-Sick-Leave Nazi Accuses Proponents of “Nazi-Slapping”
The Stranger Slog – August 4, 2011


Port of Seattle won’t speed up cleanup of trucks’ air pollution
InvestigateWest – July 14, 2011


The public-health case for mandatory paid-sick-leave laws
Crosscut – June 28, 2011


Exposed: The Two Faces of the Highest Paid Port Official in the Country
Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports – June 14, 2011


Breathing Uneasy: The Air Pollution Crisis in South Seattle
KCTS Connects


Port CEO talked green but balked at changes in law to reduce truck pollution
Crosscut – June 14, 2011


South Seattle residents, scientists look for answers on air pollution’s health threats
Crosscut – June 14, 2011


Eating the Cost: Should Restaurant Owners Pay Workers Who Are Home Sick?
The Stranger – May 24, 2011


Deadly Dangers in Port Trucking Exposed, Again
The Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports – May 12, 2011


Employees and business owners argue over paid sick leave proposal
King 5 News- May 12, 2011


Plan would mandate paid sick leave in Seattle
The Seattle Times – May 9, 2011


Study: San Francisco Restaurants Support Paid Sick Leave
Publicola – May 9, 2011


Mandatory paid sick leave proposal snowballing in Seattle
King 5 News – May 10, 2011


New coalition seeks paid sick days
Real Change – April 22, 2011


Got Green makes stimulus work
Real Change – March 25, 2011


Rainier Valley Residents “Got Green”; Stimulus Dollars Training Low-Income Workers to Enter Green Economy
Rainer Valley Post – March 22, 2011


Port of Seattle CEO Yoshitani to get 9% pay raise
The Seattle Times – March 1, 2011


Toward an end to sharecropping on wheels
Real Change News – January 12, 2011