2010 Media Coverage

This page contains a listing of news items featuring Puget Sound Sage.  Older items are located in the archive to the right.

States, feds crack down on firms using ‘contract workers’
USA Today – December 13th, 2010


Unions Want Limits on Firms’ Use of Contractors
Wall Street Journal – December 8, 2010


Sierra Club Rebukes Gael Tarleton for blocking a vote to improve the diesel reduction program at the Port of Seattle
Publicola: Morning Fizz- December 10, 2010


The five-member Seattle Port Commission narrowly rejected two resolutions that were supported by environmentalists and social-justice activists yesterday
Publicola: Morning Fizz – December 8, 2010


No Pay Raise For Port Of Seattle CEO
KUOW – August 25, 2010


In the Middle of an Economic Crisis, the State’s Second-Highest Paid Employee Is Up for a Raise
The Stranger – August 23, 2010


Ports Trade Tricks for Greener Jobs
Politico.com – July 29, 2010


Religious Communities Allied for Safe Ports
Episcopal Life Online – May 19, 2010


Stimulus Jobs at Minimum Wage? State Uses Loophole
Real Change News – May 12, 2010


Congressman Expected to Introduce Bill to Clean Up Dirty Trucking Industry
The Stranger Slog – May 6, 2010


Sacrificing Safety
The Huffington Post – April 30, 2010


Keep on Truckin’
Real Change – April 14, 2010


Truckers Fight L.A. Port Clean-Up Plan
Marketplace from American Public Media – April 12, 2010


Gael Tarleton Fudges Clean Truck Facts
The Stranger Slog – March 24, 2010


The Ports Challenge
The Huffington Post – March 1, 2010


Clearing the Air at American Ports
The New York Times – February 25, 2010


U.S. Cuts Down on ‘Contractors’ as a Tax Dodge
The New York Times – February 17, 2010


Out of Step: Why is Seattle’s Port CEO Lobbying Against Environmental Reform?
The Stranger – February 2, 2010


Semantics Can’t Excuse the Port’s Anti-Reform Advocacy
The Stranger Slog – January 28, 2010


Port of Seattle Truckers Gain an Ally in Mike McGinn
Seattle Weekly Blog – January 27, 2010


Port of Seattle CEO Strives to Block Port Reform, Cont’d.
The Stranger Slog – January 27, 2010


Seattle’s Port Truckers: Supported by McGinn, Spurned by the Port
The Stranger Slog – January 26, 2010