Puget Sound Sage's 10th Anniversary 

Puget Sound Sage turns ten! In Fall 2017, Puget Sound Sage is hosting its 10th Anniversary Celebration. We can't wait to celebrate ten years of victories for workers rights, affordable housing, transit equity, and climate justice in the Puget Sound region.

Stay tuned for further details this coming spring.

Press Releases

Seattle is Now a Step Closer to a Living Wage Than Any Other U.S. City

May 1, 2014 - Seattle will have the highest minimum wage in the nation if the Seattle City Council adopts a Blue Ribbon proposal announced today. The Mayor’s Income Inequality Advisory Committee now officially calls for a raise of the minimum wage for large employers to $15 an hour.

New Analysis of Seattle’s Tipped Workers: Most Earn Below $15 An Hour

April 20, 2014 - Our analysis demonstrates that the average tipped worker in Seattle is roughly 32 years old, has at least some level of college education, and earns less than $15 an hour – even if you include tips in their hourly earnings.